Some people wanted to know…

So here it is for those that wanted to know (and anyone else it can help really!).

The wedding day outfit was sourced from:

wested                                  IMAG0139

The quality of the jacket is superb! (Do not buy the cheap ones from India on eBay, they are terrible!!! You Have been warned!!!) Sally at also created the pattern for the recreation of Jenny’s dress.

One plain white shirt:                                                                             One set of steampunk suspenders:

shirt           IMAG0684

One pair of riding boots (admittedly I went for short boots & chaps as it is half the price!)


One pair of leather gloves:       IMAG0674

One pair of replica Cavalry Breeches from these guys at a cost of:

IMAG0672                breeches

One helmet kit from:                      Helmet

1 Tube:glue

1 of these:dremel

A few cans of this:Paint

And some plastic for the eyes/gauze for the mouth.

IMAG0072    A couple of morons     IMAG0616

One amazingly brilliant and well connected best man who gets someone to do this as a wedding gift:

IMAG0675              IMAG0676              IMAG0677

IMAG0678              IMAG0679              IMAG0680

IMAG0681        IMAG0682      IMAG0683

And some decent weather!

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